To provide quality patient care, CIIS:

  • Displays recommended immunization at each visit based on current ACIP standards and the patientís known immunization history.
  • Allows for capture of immunizations recommended for travel.
  • Highlights previously reported reactions, allergies, precautions and contraindications.
  • Provides a way to identify and remind patients that are coming due for immunizations as well as recall individuals who are overdue for immunizations.
  • Can easily identify patients for vaccine manufacturer recalls.
  • Allows providers to review adult immunization records in order to recommend vaccines to expecting mothers and caregivers of newborns.

To save time, CIIS allows you to:

  • View immunizations entered by other clinics for your new patients.
  • Print official immunization forms for school, child care, camp and university entry requirements as well as personal immunization records without pulling charts.
  • Track vaccine usage, manage inventory, and reconcile doses administered with your on-hand inventory.
  • Record all data required by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

To ensure more complete immunization records, CIIS:

  • Combines the immunization record from multiple clinics into a single record for each individual.
  • Allows immunization information supplied by individuals to be easily added to the record.
  • Allows immunization information supplied by health plans and schools to augment data supplied by providers and individuals.

To save money and reduce wastage, CIIS:

  • Minimizes over-immunization and the cost associated with delivering an unnecessary vaccine.
  • Identifies missed billing opportunities by comparing billing records with CIIS records.
  • Tracks and manages inventory in CIIS to determine monthly usage of vaccines that can inform subsequent vaccine orders.